Time out?

I love living in a vibrant city and having a large circle of interesting and sociable friends, but sometimes this really takes its toll. Lately I have been finding that my weekday evenings are completely booked up, and my weekends are all rather busy too. Not only does this leave little time for sleep and... Continue Reading →

Life drawing at 40 Winks

Last night I attended a life drawing evening at the beautiful 40 Winks with the fabulous ladies from Kink Ink. We were greeted at the door by Mr Carter in his top hat and, despite Rae's best efforts, were not put on the naughty list and so were allowed in. Just as well really, as... Continue Reading →

The terror of the blank page

Two Who episodes have passed since I last updated here because I have, once again, been overcome by a strange thing I call blog fear. I often feel the need to write, but the blank page (or white box in my browser) sometimes taunts me with reminders that what I write must be worth reading...... Continue Reading →

Brief thoughts on body confidence

Last year, when I was tweeting about being snapped by Rankin, I got a message from Claire Nelson asking me how the shoot went and what to expect from hers the following day. I'd never met this woman before that but, after Rankin Live brought us together, we became firm online friends. Turns out we... Continue Reading →

What style means to me

As a child I wanted to be a fashion designer. I didn't have a very clear idea about what that would involve as a career, but I knew I loved drawing clothes and figured that was the most important thing. When I drew a backless strapless evening gown and my mother asked me how the... Continue Reading →

Daily reads

I follow quite a few blogs and really should make an effort to keep up with them on a daily basis, like I used to. In the days before Twitter and Facebook I would update my blog on an almost daily basis* and would check other people's blogs with the same frequency. These days, it's... Continue Reading →

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