My posts on BitchBuzz: Style & Culture

Although the vast majority of my articles for BitchBuzz have been about sex and relationships, I have covered other topics too. I couldn't resist the odd fashion piece, some reviews for the culture section, and I even managed to get in the odd reference to Spaced. Daisy Steiner was far more 'me' than Carrie Bradshaw... Continue Reading →

My posts on BitchBuzz: Relationships

After a while of writing about sex for BitchBuzz, it became clear that I needed to write about relationships too. After all, the two subjects are so closely interconnected that it's tricky to discuss one without the other. I covered many topics - from friendship, first dates to marriage - and researched many useful tips... Continue Reading →

My posts on BitchBuzz: Sex

One of my favourite subjects to write about for BitchBuzz has been sex. Not only have I written opinion pieces and shared a few tips, but I've also reviewed sex-related books, conferences, exhibitions and museums. I've pondered why some people think burlesque is all about sex, discussed a bit of health and safety, and have... Continue Reading →

My Posts on BitchBuzz: April 2012

I have to admit that I didn't write many sex and relationships articles for BitchBuzz this month. I had a short unplanned hiatus, but now I'm back with a vengeance! Hopefully the Cybher conference on 12th May will help inspire me for future articles. In the meantime, here's what I covered this month...BitchBuzz Sex: How... Continue Reading →

My Posts on BitchBuzz: March 2012

Another month, another summary of the sex and relationships articles I've written for BitchBuzz. I've reviewed a book of sex tips and a writers' conference, discussed the temptation we all get to overshare when we're buzzing from a new relationship, and have pondered whether absence does actually make the heart grow fonder.BitchBuzz Sex: Dr Sadie... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Erotica covers

Have you ever noticed how the covers of erotic novels are, to put it bluntly, a bit fucking sexist? Despite the fact that many of these stories sexualise men for the titillation of women, the images that appear on the covers mostly appear to objectify women. Even though heterosexual women enjoy looking at men, apparently... Continue Reading →

Eroticon 2012

On Saturday 3rd March, an interesting collection of erotica writers and sex bloggers gathered in Bristol for Eroticon 2012, the first UK conference dedicated to "writing sex right". I had been invited by the organiser, Ruby Kiddell, to sit on a couple of panels and so arrived bright and early on Saturday morning to collect... Continue Reading →

My Posts on BitchBuzz: February 2012

Here's another of my monthly summaries of the pieces on sex/relationships that I've written for BitchBuzz recently, with links, just in case you missed any of them. As I've been writing for this fantastic site since December 2009, there are plenty of other interesting posts from me over on BitchBuzz, so I have linked to... Continue Reading →

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