Discovering… Maison Triumph

Late on Saturday afternoon, I visited Maison Triumph on Monmouth Street in London. Based in Seven Dials, near Covent Garden, this is more than just a pop-up shop for the lingerie giant. As well as stocking some of the highlights from Triumph's current collections, this is a place where you can... learn about the history... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me Deadly student seminars

If you're a fashion student with an interest in learning more about the business side of the industry, chances are that you'll be trying to arrange an internship. As with all types of unpaid work experience, this involves trekking to an office, shop or warehouse to spend a couple of weeks doing whatever work they... Continue Reading →

Exploring with Sacred Pleasures

There are many aspects to sex that the majority of people are unaware of and so never fully explore. Because society has taught us that sex is "naughty", many people fail to look further than intercourse with a few positions and a couple of toys and, while this works fine for many, for some people... Continue Reading →

Blogging about blogging? How meta

Blogging means many things to many people. I registered a domain on 12th July 2001 and started building myself a little personal website, slowly moving towards keeping a strange sort of personal diary of my odd little thoughts, along with a handful of useful and/or funny links. It slowly turned into a blog and I... Continue Reading →

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