The burlesque beast

After an incredibly lacklustre performance the other week, I have once again been pondering my future on the burlesque stage. I'd agreed to help out another troupe member who was trying to come up with a piece for a pirate-and-showgirl-themed private party, and the ideas really weren't flowing. In the end we came up with... Continue Reading →

Defining sexy

Due to a small number of purchases from their stores over the last few years, I am on the Agent Provocateur mailing list. Despite the fact that I have found far better underwear and stockings for sale elsewhere, I have refrained from un-subscribing because, well, I like looking at women in underwear. This week's email... Continue Reading →

Reclaiming the F Word

Last night I went to the launch event for Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune's book Reclaiming the F Word at The University Women's Club. When I signed up to the event on Facebook, I just assumed from the name that this was perhaps a part of the University of London and was expecting to just... Continue Reading →

Why do women read the Daily Mail?

I don't usually read the Daily Fail's website but sometimes its headlines are so ridiculous that, when you catch sight of one via Twitter or someone else's newspaper on public transport, you just have to investigate further. Like this: Gender-bender chemicals 'putting everyone at risk'. From the use of the phrase 'gender bender' to the... Continue Reading →

Brief thoughts on body confidence

Last year, when I was tweeting about being snapped by Rankin, I got a message from Claire Nelson asking me how the shoot went and what to expect from hers the following day. I'd never met this woman before that but, after Rankin Live brought us together, we became firm online friends. Turns out we... Continue Reading →

Stylist magazine

I held off reviewing Stylist as I was hoping it would build on a promising start and really begin to offer something after a couple of issues. Annoyingly, this doesn't seem to be the case. When the ladies from Bitchbuzz tweeted that they thought it was the worst issue yet and screamed, "WE WANT TO... Continue Reading →

Patronising, fake and pointless

Former Editor of Marie Claire magazine, Liz Jones, says today in the Daily Fail that she's given up on glossy magazines. It's nice to know I'm not the only one (although I realised this at least six years ago), but I am amazed that this particular newspaper has chosen to print the article. Jones says... Continue Reading →

Shortlist and Stylist

One of the things I've grown to love about commuting is being given an interesting magazine totally free every Thursday, by a smiley guy outside Goodge Street tube station. Shortlist is apparently a men's magazine, but I have always found much more in it to amuse and educate me than inside the majority of women's... Continue Reading →

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