BitchBuzz birthday bash

I started writing for women's lifestyle website BitchBuzz last December, after many months as an avid reader. It's a pretty special website as it acknowledges that intelligent women have a wide variety of interests, from news and technology to style and relationships, but that we don't want to be talked down to or taken advantage... Continue Reading →

Are you a secret feminist?

Stylist magazine continues to puzzle me. I am infuriated by its constant promotion of assorted 'on-trend' fashion, home and beauty items that are way out of the price range of someone who reads a free magazine, and am often astounded by the poor choice of photography and headlines that can accompany even their most well... Continue Reading →

Seth MacFarlane: epic fail

Last night I watched the Family Guy episode "Quagmire's Dad" which is certainly the least funny episode of the show I have ever seen, and also definitely the most offensive. Nothing new there, you might think. Another adult cartoon losing its edge and going down the pan. Well, yeah, I thought that when Brian and... Continue Reading →

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