Introducing… the Quite Delightful project

Back in September 2014, I placed an order for the the first issue of a new erotic magazine for women called Quite Frankly. Aspiring to promote an honest, intelligent and open exploration of female sexuality, this luxurious publication was certainly made to be poured over rather than quickly consumed. If hot and well written sex... Continue Reading →

Rubyyy Jones: Balance

Hello Darlings! Hope this blog post finds you enjoying your deep and delicious summer. We've been so blessed with such joyful sunshine this season while tumult spells summer for many around the world. I hope you are safe, sexy and sound in yourself, getting ready for a beautiful Autumn which blows in a bit more... Continue Reading →

Flicking the bean: Women and solo sex

It's strange that there are still things the majority of us do, but that vast swathes of people also somehow manage to disapprove of. I'm not talking about disapproving of something supposedly 'abnormal' - although ideally no one would do that either - or something completely natural but undertaken at wholly inappropriate moments. No, this... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: How To Be A Woman

In case you hadn't noticed, everyone's favourite strident feminist with a fondness for capital letters has now gone global. Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman is now available in 17 countries, and there's even a movie in the pipeline. Not only does this mean that more people will get to read Moran's hilariously written... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Who am I?

I am Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL Hypnotic Red. I am Olay Complete Care Moisturising Fluid. I am L'Oréal True Match pressed powder. I am Clinique Lash Power Mascara. I am Boots No7 eyebrow pencil. I am a vintage dress and United Nude shoes. I am a Tatty Devine GIN necklace. I am really ridiculously good... Continue Reading →

How to dress for your age

We all know that there are things we supposedly can't wear when we get passed a certain age, and we've all heard the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb". However, the exact details of what shouldn't be worn after which age is far less easy to determine. After all, humans come in all different shapes and... Continue Reading →

The ideal woman doesn’t exist

I don't know where this image of three inexplicably naked and differently sized women is originally from, but it certainly isn't new. It reappeared on Twitter today and I couldn't resist asking my followers, "Is this true, or an excuse for nudity?". Before long there was a small flurry of responses. The first few replies... Continue Reading →

Women of the World

There has been lots of inspirational stuff happening this week, due in part to 8th March being International Women's Day, but today sees the start of something really special. The first annual Women of the World Festival Conference has just kicked off at the Southbank Centre in London. All weekend this new festival aims to... Continue Reading →

Men, women: Different, equal

Before my festive blogging lull occurred, I was chatting to some female friends and discovered something so surpising that it was worth keeping in mind to blog about it now. The five of us were sat enjoying a spot of bubbly and some seasonal food, when the conversation somehow turned to feminism. I forget exactly... Continue Reading →

Grown up language

On Twitter this morning, I made reference to a possibly drunken, probably sarcastic tweet from the rather excellent Ms Stamper and, before long, there was much talk of boobs. In fact, I was recommended by someone as a person one of their friends should follow purely because of my mention (and promise of future mentions)... Continue Reading →

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