Tradition, not romance

I have never understood how something as seemingly important as marriage could be proposed rather than discussed. I have never understood how people can spend hundreds (often thousands) on an engagement ring rather than, perhaps, an engagement sofa (or car). I have never understood the point of 'being engaged'. These things may have had a... Continue Reading →

My morning as a fashion designer

Emails are still flying back and forth about my sister's wedding, despite the date being as yet unconfirmed, and there are now going to be three bridesmaids. Because she is kind enough to not force us all into the same style of dress, Fi asked us to email her photos of dresses that we liked... Continue Reading →

Vintage overload

My interest in vintage fashion and styling now has a raison d'Ítre. My wonderful sister Fiona got engaged to her lovely boyfriend Pete on Christmas day, and much email discussion is now going on between my younger sibling and our mother with regard to wedding dresses. It turns out that all the gorgeous vintage and... Continue Reading →

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