The Outfit I Will Never Wear Again

I never thought I'd miss that navy blue polyester dress. Every time I buckled the skinny belt around my waist, it felt like I was leaving my individuality in my bedroom. Even though I brought my own twist to the uniform as much as I could, through my jewellery and how I styled my hair... Continue Reading →

Review: The Vanishing Art of Camouflage

Yesterday, I attended the private view of a new menswear exhibition at the University of Westminster called The Vanishing Art of Camouflage. You might wonder why a lingerie blogger would be interested in menswear. Well, first of all, I don't consider myself to be solely a lingerie blogger. I'm interested in writing on a number... Continue Reading →

Make do and mend

There are many garments I wish I'd kept over the years, but I never thought one of them would be the polyester dress that I once had as part of my 'business dress' (aka uniform) while working for a John Lewis department store in the late 1990s. It was a great dress to wear as... Continue Reading →

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