Launch day for The Underpinnings Museum

After an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, today is the launch of The Underpinnings Museum website. Thank you so much to everyone who pledged their support to the project and ensure that, not only did we raise enough to purchase period-specific mannequins and pay for more of the collection to be photographed, but we smashed through... Continue Reading →

Review: ‘Anna’ by Peek & Beau

Ever since Playful Promises launched their more alternative styled mini-brand Peek & Beau in 2015, I have been drooling over the pieces and wishing there was something I could wear. As it's a small collection the size range is limited, and sizing is not something you can 'fudge' with bras. Then they released a new... Continue Reading →

Introducing… The Underpinnings Museum

Those of you who follow me on social media will know that I've been involved in a side project over the last few months, unsurprisingly relating to underwear. The history of lingerie is an important part of the history of women's changing role in society, yet it is rarely given the attention it deserves. The... Continue Reading →

Hunkemöller comes to the UK

Trade journal Lingerie Insight has announced that Dutch lingerie brand Hunkemöller has launched in the UK. Although there are no physical stores here yet, the UK website is live with a generous launch offer of 25% off the entire collection when you use the code WELCOME2HKM. As Hunkemöller's bras come in band sizes 30-44 with... Continue Reading →

Lust List: August

Seeing as I have been trying (and, so far, succeeding) to go the whole of August without buying any clothes or accessories, I started planning this month's Lust List to highlight all the gorgeous items of lingerie and nightwear that I have found this month and have resisted purchasing. However, a few things caught my... Continue Reading →

National Underwear Day 2016

I've seen quite a few underwear brands and lingerie bloggers posting on social media today for National Underwear Day. Call me cynical, but my first thought was... when they say 'national' do they actually mean American? I did a bit of digging and found out that this 'national holiday' was indeed from the US, started... Continue Reading →

Lust List: July

I'll be the first to admit that it's been another quiet month here on Rarely Wears Lipstick. When running a blog alongside a full time job, life sometimes gets in the way of writing, but this isn't always a bad thing as I'm often filling my spare time with interesting fashion-related things. So... apart from... Continue Reading →

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