The week that was

As addictive and timewasting as it can be, sometimes spending time on Twitter really does feel like it's a good thing. Last week, I was swept up in several waves of Twitter do-gooding and it felt good. Really good. Like I was an activist or something.On October 13th, Twitter was awash with people commenting on... Continue Reading →

I remember when…

I remember when real-word meetings of online communities were fun. When groups of users from a particular website would get together at someone's house, a coffee shop or in a pub and discuss the things they are passionate about. The things that brought them together.About 6 years ago I met up with a group of... Continue Reading →

Can we start again please?

Today started badly. After very little sleep for no apparent reason (the weather?), my alarm went off and then I promptly fell asleep. Woke up in a daze and did the necessary, but skipped breakfast in order to have a hope of catching my train... which I then missed by no more than two minutes.... Continue Reading →

Easily annoyed

A colleague has done something today that has really annoyed me for no apparent reason. It's a small thing that shouldn't matter to anyone else at all, but I am practically grinding my teeth it's irritated me so much. Inexplicably and pointlessly seething with rage though I am, I've got nothing on the idiots who... Continue Reading →

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