Feminism Friday: Reinforcing stereotypes

Yesterday, The Telegraph published some interesting survey results regarding current opinion on feminism. Problem is, they reported their findings in such a lazy way that it would be extremely easy for readers to get the wrong idea. The article, topped with an image of Germaine Greer, claims that just one in seven women describes themselves... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Appearance & confidence

This week, we learnt many lessons. We learnt that many people are still, in 2012, incredibly sexist towards sportswomen. We found out that some of those are spouting their nonsense on Twitter and some are, surprisingly, writing for national newspapers. We also discovered that the women who are attacked can be incredibly resilient and inspiring,... Continue Reading →

My week without Twitter

Well, I'm nearly there. I set myself the challenge of managing to last seven days without using Twitter, and I am nearly there. At midnight I shall log back in and see if anything's changed... if anyone remembers me. To be honest, I sort of cheated in a way. Back in January, I was completely... Continue Reading →

The Fear of Missing Out

Sometimes great things happen. House parties turn out to be far more awesome that you'd hoped they'd be, that cabaret show ends up being an absolute belter, and a few quiet drinks with friends somehow becomes the best night out you've had in a very long time. Years ago, this stuff happened and then you'd... Continue Reading →

Awesome Ideas: Giving up Twitter

Yes, you read that correctly... I'm giving up Twitter for a week. Even though I've added this to my occasional "Awesome Ideas" series, I'm still not 100% sure it is. It's something of an experiment really. Can I get more done if I'm not constantly checking for new tweets on my phone? Will people still... Continue Reading →

Self promotion

Tonight I have handed out a couple of my Moo cards, promoted my writing on Twitter and have also updated my bio there to make it bit more relevant to the subjects I cover. This made me realise that I don't often link to my other writing here, so here's a quick update for those... Continue Reading →

The secret to good sleep

This morning I asked Twitter if anyone knew the secret to getting a good night's sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. Last night I had no trouble dropping off and I slept through, uninterrupted, until my alarm went off but felt no better for it. Surely if you sleep well, you should find getting up... Continue Reading →

Bounty and ethics

Today I discovered that some companies think it's OK to cynically pass judgement on other people in order to promote their products. I hadn't heard of the Bounty parenting club before today, but now they will be forever linked in my mind with the claim that one in 10 UK women have 'tricked' a man... Continue Reading →

Half (marathon) Nelson

Last August, I had my photo taken by Rankin as part of a massive exhibition of his work that was on show at the Old Truman Brewery for a few months. I tweeted while I waited for my turn in front of the camera, and then also after the shoot, which led to a few... Continue Reading →

Grown up language

On Twitter this morning, I made reference to a possibly drunken, probably sarcastic tweet from the rather excellent Ms Stamper and, before long, there was much talk of boobs. In fact, I was recommended by someone as a person one of their friends should follow purely because of my mention (and promise of future mentions)... Continue Reading →

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