April Lust List: Debenhams

I sometimes walk past the Oxford Street flagship Debenhams store on my way to work and their windows have been rather eye catching recently, partly due to some amazing garments from their many fantastic designer diffusion ranges. When it came to compiling a Lust List for April, it had to be a selection from this... Continue Reading →

How to follow trends and be ethical

At first glance, fast fashion and slow fashion don't appear to be friends. Fast fashion is about keeping up with the latest trends and ensuring you fit in. Whereas slow fashion seems to be more about standing out. When it comes to fashion, most people reckon you're either someone who chooses a look designers, editors... Continue Reading →

Making trends work for you

Although I don't really 'follow fashion' as such, I do view it as something of a challenge to adopt at least one new trend into my wardrobe each season without really trying. There is always one trend that a garment you've owned for ages fits perfectly. Or one that encapsulates something you like always buying... Continue Reading →

The perils of playsuits

I've never been one for jumpsuits. That particular type of all-in-one garment has always struck me as hideously impractical for women, as I always imagine that bathroom trips will need to be anticipated much further in advance. So because of this, and being in possession of a pair of very short legs, I've never even... Continue Reading →

Longer is better?

In the early 1990s, I was obsessed with long skirts. My (all girls) school allowed pupils in the sixth form to wear their own clothes but, in order to maintain some sort of lady-like decorum, we were forbidden from wearing trousers of any kind. However, this meant that we all fully embraced the oh-so-dainty alternatives... Continue Reading →

The tale of the burlesque cape

Holy crap, I'm ahead of my time! Sometimes fashion takes a look at my wardrobe and thinks it's found something to resurrect and that day has, once again, arrived. Back in 2006, I broke my wrist and ended up with a massive plaster cast on my arm. Annoyingly, with it being a rather cold January... Continue Reading →

Wardrobe categories

I'm not an especially fashionable person, but I like to think that I do my best to be stylish. Stylish people do, of course, spend an awful lot of time thinking about their wardrobe and so today I pondered a few of my favourite things. My most loved items of clothing often fall into one... Continue Reading →

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