Support Irreverent Dance!

Earlier this year, my talented and inspiring best friend, Amanda Jones, started a offering body-positive LGBTQ-friendly adult beginners dance classes. As a qualified dance teacher, when friends told her that they would love to learn ballet but couldn't find any classes to suit them, Amanda decided to create one. I took part in her first... Continue Reading →

It Gets Better

Recently I stumbled across a video of Glee's Chris Colfer telling LGBT kids that 'it gets better'. I can't remember how I found the link, but I soon discovered that this was part of a wider campaign. The It Gets Better project, aims to reassure bullied lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans teenagers that they are... Continue Reading →

Have your say on equal marriage

Comments on the news today from religious organisations about opening up marriage to same sex couples shouldn't be surprising, but they are still saddening. As if the Church of England being created so that a king could get divorced didn't irrevocably change society. As if men and women marrying and then divorcing within weeks, pretending... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Trans Media Watch

On Monday I went to a fascinating talk by Juliet Jacques, as part of LGBT History Month. Although the mainstream media are now far better at discussing the L and G, B still gets very little coverage and T... well, T is still so very misunderstood. Even though it's now 2012! Because of this, Juliet... Continue Reading →

Queering the Fantastic

Last summer I helped found an international gay book prize in my lunch hour. My Mum had a right go at me for it. The Green Carnation Prize for modern writing by gay men had a fantastic shortlist, if I do say so myself. Three debut novelists and two established writers - ranging from 1950s... Continue Reading →


On Monday we discovered that there was a new World Scrabble Champion. I thought it was odd that the winner of a board-game championship was deemed newsworthy until I saw the accompanying photo of Mikki Nicholson in her bright pink outfit... and then read the terrible article that accompanied it in most news sources. If... Continue Reading →

Seth MacFarlane: epic fail

Last night I watched the Family Guy episode "Quagmire's Dad" which is certainly the least funny episode of the show I have ever seen, and also definitely the most offensive. Nothing new there, you might think. Another adult cartoon losing its edge and going down the pan. Well, yeah, I thought that when Brian and... Continue Reading →

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