How to Find Your Personal Style

As someone who has a definite style, works at a fashion college and is rarely seen in an outfit that hasn't been carefully planned out, I often get asked for style tips. Last summer I played the part of personal shopper twice and it got me thinking about how I could distil my advice into... Continue Reading →

Review: Pretty Honest

Now that I am 40, I realised that I'm probably going to have to make some changes to my lifestyle, particularly where my body is concerned. It's not just my fitness (or lack thereof) that I can no longer afford to ignore, my skin could do with a bit more attention too. I bought Pretty... Continue Reading →

How to prepare for job interviews

First things first, you've got yourself an interview so congratulations! You have obviously written a great application or CV/résumé and have convinced them that you have the skills and knowledge required to do the job, which is fantastic. Next you will need to prove that, out of everyone they've shortlisted, you're the one that they... Continue Reading →

Classic Trends: Nautical style

There is one trend that you can always guarantee to find come summer time, and that's the nautical look. Whether or not it's caught the eye of anyone who is inspired by the catwalk, you can always be sure to find something ship-shape in shops aimed at the more mature lady. But, when it's current,... Continue Reading →

Kink 101: Curious about your kinky side?

Do you have a kinky side? Many people think they're not kinky but, when they look more closely at a few things that seem perfectly commonplace in the bedroom, sometimes it becomes obvious that there is another aspect of their relationship which could be explored further. And these explorations can really add spice to your... Continue Reading →

How to be glamorous in the summer

As the British summer surprises us with soaring temperatures for the first time in 10 years, being glamorous becomes that bit more tricky so I thought I'd share a few lighthearted tips to assist you. As WikiHow points out, "being glamorous is all about creating an attractive and exciting illusion that you lead an envied... Continue Reading →

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