Three months into lockdown

I've been at home since Friday 13th March, and the UK went into lockdown the week afterwards. Now that we're in week 14, markers of time are more important than ever. Without the weekends away, theatre trips, weddings, short courses, exhibition visits and nights out with friends that had filled my diary and have now... Continue Reading →

The A-to-Z of Accessories: Watch

Now that we all carry our smartphones with us and can use them to check the time, many people no longer wear a watch. This is such a shame because a wristwatch is a wonderful accessory and a great way to express your personality. They can be fashionable or sentimental, stylish or purely functional. A... Continue Reading →

Making time and getting organised

You may have noticed that, over the last few months, my blogging has tailed off somewhat. I've been trying to find the time to write, and time to plan what I want to write, but it never seems to come together. I used to have lists of ideas for blog posts in the notebook that... Continue Reading →

Campaign for an 8 day week!

Have you ever felt like you could do with more than 24 hours in a day? More than seven days in a week? What I wouldn't give for a Sunday v2.0 where all work and socialising was illegal and the only thing you were allowed to do was relax. Sadly, that's never going to happen... Continue Reading →

Busy little bee

Clock... work?Originally uploaded by lipstickloriRecently I have been far busier than I thought I would be. On my return from holiday, I reckoned things would be calmer which would allow me to be slightly more productive than I have been of late. Sadly not. The few evenings at home that I have had are taken... Continue Reading →

Time out?

I love living in a vibrant city and having a large circle of interesting and sociable friends, but sometimes this really takes its toll. Lately I have been finding that my weekday evenings are completely booked up, and my weekends are all rather busy too. Not only does this leave little time for sleep and... Continue Reading →

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