Six Splendid Bras for Summer

If you're anything like me, there will be a time of the year when the weather starts to get really warm and every bra you own will begin to annoy you 100% more than it did in the colder months. Bands feel tighter, everything feels sticky (and needs washing all the time!), plus loads of... Continue Reading →

Lust List: August

Seeing as I have been trying (and, so far, succeeding) to go the whole of August without buying any clothes or accessories, I started planning this month's Lust List to highlight all the gorgeous items of lingerie and nightwear that I have found this month and have resisted purchasing. However, a few things caught my... Continue Reading →

How to be glamorous in the summer

As the British summer surprises us with soaring temperatures for the first time in 10 years, being glamorous becomes that bit more tricky so I thought I'd share a few lighthearted tips to assist you. As WikiHow points out, "being glamorous is all about creating an attractive and exciting illusion that you lead an envied... Continue Reading →

Summer swimwear glamour

I don't sunbathe and I hardly ever swim but, for some reason, this year I'm getting rather obsessed with bikinis, bathing suits and anything beach related. Staying glamorous in the summer is always a tricky business, but there are plenty of brands offering fab swimwear which will make that task much easier.Retro styling is often... Continue Reading →

South Coast Sweethearts

We all need a little bit of sunshine in our lives, especially at the end of a cold week in February, so I thought I'd share a lovely little treat with you. To celebrate the launch of their spring/summer 2012 collection, those glamorous gals at What Katie Did have produced their own short film, "South... Continue Reading →

Beltane: Conjuring in the summer

While many were enjoying a leisurely bank-holiday weekend at the beginning of May, some of us were in the woods, conjuring in the summer. Let me explain...Beltane is one of the eight pagan festivals in what's called the 'wheel of the year'. It takes place on the first day of May (often called May Day)... Continue Reading →

Longer is better?

In the early 1990s, I was obsessed with long skirts. My (all girls) school allowed pupils in the sixth form to wear their own clothes but, in order to maintain some sort of lady-like decorum, we were forbidden from wearing trousers of any kind. However, this meant that we all fully embraced the oh-so-dainty alternatives... Continue Reading →

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