Ask A Feminist: Stylist Magazine

If you're missing my dear departed Ask A Feminist series, you might be pleased to hear that Stylist Magazine's website have started their own weekly Ask A Feminist feature. It's been running since March and so far, they've covered topics like: Calling people on their sexist bullshit What makes a good role model? Who has... Continue Reading →

Sex writing and the media

Yesterday I picked up a copy of the London Evening Standard and my attention was immediately drawn to the pretty girl staring at me from the masthead. "Introducing Millicent Binks" it said, "our new sex columnist". Ah, sex... one of my favourite topics of discussion! Whether it was an educational advice column or a titillating... Continue Reading →

Are you a secret feminist?

Stylist magazine continues to puzzle me. I am infuriated by its constant promotion of assorted 'on-trend' fashion, home and beauty items that are way out of the price range of someone who reads a free magazine, and am often astounded by the poor choice of photography and headlines that can accompany even their most well... Continue Reading →

Farewell Sex and the City

Hadley Freeman mourns the death of Sex and the City in The Guardian with quite possibly the best opening lines for a film review, ever: "I'm not asking for much. I just don't want to be sick in my mouth. I don't want to leave the cinema feeling like I've paid 7.50 to be mocked,... Continue Reading →

Stylist magazine

I held off reviewing Stylist as I was hoping it would build on a promising start and really begin to offer something after a couple of issues. Annoyingly, this doesn't seem to be the case. When the ladies from Bitchbuzz tweeted that they thought it was the worst issue yet and screamed, "WE WANT TO... Continue Reading →

Shortlist and Stylist

One of the things I've grown to love about commuting is being given an interesting magazine totally free every Thursday, by a smiley guy outside Goodge Street tube station. Shortlist is apparently a men's magazine, but I have always found much more in it to amuse and educate me than inside the majority of women's... Continue Reading →

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