A new salon for Open Barbers

Have you ever felt unwelcome in mainstream hair salons or barbers? Have you feared getting a haircut because of how you will be judged, and all the incorrect assumptions the salon staff will make? For many LGBTQ folk, getting the haircut they want, at a price they can afford is a an ongoing battle. Thankfully,... Continue Reading →

LCF MA16 Exhibition

Last night, I attended the opening of the LCFMA16 exhibition, featuring some very impressive student work from across the London College of Fashion's postgraduate courses. With an overall curatorial theme of 'anti gravity', clothing and costume could be found floating in space with horizontal mannequins levitating next to spot-lit shoes on dark plinths. LCF's postgraduate... Continue Reading →

Men, style and fashion

Fashion is often still thought of as something that is only of interest to women. Despite centuries of astonishingly elaborate menswear before the Great Masculine Renunciation of the late 18th century, plus a recent resurgence of menswear, many people still believe that an interest in looking good is something rather feminine. The vast majority of... Continue Reading →

5 glamorous tops to wear with a corset

There has been much discussion in the press lately about corsets thanks to the debate surrounding the size of Lily James' waist in the Disney movie Cinderella. I won't go into this here, as Marianne Faulkner has already said it far better than I ever could on The Lingerie Addict, except to say that corsets... Continue Reading →

Autumn layering with ModCloth

ModCloth emailed me recently, asking if I would "get creative and showcase your autumn layered style with us! We ask that you [...] create a styleboard featuring 3 layering items--an undershirt, top, sweater and/or cardigans using all ModCloth items." I heard of ModCloth a while back and knew that they stocked exactly the type of... Continue Reading →

Calling all fashion stylists and MUAs!

If you're interested in fashion, street-style, vintage homewares, kitsch crafts and/or community development projects (especially if you like to write and/or tweet about it), ShopAgeUK (Re)Launch wants to hear from you! Age UK's charity shop in Shepherd's Bush is changing. The new 'Community Shop' seeks to break away from the badly merchandised charity shops of... Continue Reading →

Can ghd air rescue my hair?

I got my hairdryer as a Christmas present from my parents, some time around 1992. It was a professional style dryer and came with a diffuser (which was handy for my then-permed hair), and a nozzle for blow-drying straight. I have since broken the diffuser and lost the nozzle but the hairdryer is still going... Continue Reading →

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