Thoughts on sustainable fashion

I've always had a reasonably sustainable attitude towards fashion. Not because of a selfless desire to protect the world's resources, but more because, well... it's fun. As a child, I was introduced to the concept of second-hand clothes via 'hand-me-down' garments. As the older sister I didn't receive many, but the thrill of seeing a... Continue Reading →

How to dress for your age

We all know that there are things we supposedly can't wear when we get passed a certain age, and we've all heard the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb". However, the exact details of what shouldn't be worn after which age is far less easy to determine. After all, humans come in all different shapes and... Continue Reading →

Investment pieces

I've never been one for Primark bargains. It's mostly an ethical choice - how can they sell clothing so cheaply? - but it's also one of value. If I impulse buy cheap clothing, it will often be that same stuff which annoys me when it goes with nothing and starts cluttering up my wardrobe. I... Continue Reading →

Awesome ideas: Clothes swap

The idea behind a clothes swap party is simple. Collect up all the clothing you don't wear any more, take the garments to someone's house with a load of other friends who have all had a wardrobe clear out too, open some wine and start trying things on. The group of women you get together... Continue Reading →

Choosing vintage-style dresses

You may have noticed an increasing number of high street stores not only producing vintage-inspired dresses, but now also labelling them as such. The latest big launch, with accompanying window displays in every store, is New Vintage by Oasis. The dresses in the collection are beautiful and well designed, but they still miss the mark... Continue Reading →

The fashionable feminist

On Saturday, I spent the day with my younger sister. As well as discussing her impending nuptials and visiting high-end department stores to look at shoes, we also chatted about her MBA and an idea she's had for starting her own business when she finishes. A few years ago, I could see a day with... Continue Reading →

Fashion fades, only style remains

I like Hadley Freeman. Her fashion advice column in The Guardian is a breath of fresh air with its lack of meaningless rules and the opinion that liking nice clothes doesn't always have to make you look like a twat. Yesterday she reminded us that: "Fashion is supposed to be about giving grown women self-confidence,... Continue Reading →

Age is just a number

According to Jess Cartner-Morley in The Guardian earlier this week, older models are coming back into fashion. Not that they really left, you understand, but now they appear to be getting much more high-profile work than ever before. Once where we'd guffaw at the idea of a 17-year-old model advertising a brand like Louis Vuitton... Continue Reading →

How to get curls that stay

Several people have, on seeing this photo of me, asked how I created the curls. Although it looks impressive, it's actually not that difficult so I thought I'd share my technique.Wash your hair, roughly dry it and then comb out all the tangles.Use cheap bendy rollers (I bought two packs from Superdrug ages ago and... Continue Reading →

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