How to Find Your Personal Style

As someone who has a definite style, works at a fashion college and is rarely seen in an outfit that hasn't been carefully planned out, I often get asked for style tips. Last summer I played the part of personal shopper twice and it got me thinking about how I could distil my advice into... Continue Reading →

Can fashion improve lives?

A couple of weeks ago, as part of my induction into the Graduate School at London College of Fashion, I attended a debate entitled "Can Fashion Improve Lives?" The discussion panel included: Frances Corner (Head of London College of Fashion), Caryn Franklin (Visiting Fellow at LCF, fashion activist and founder of All Walks Beyond the... Continue Reading →

Making trends work for you

Although I don't really 'follow fashion' as such, I do view it as something of a challenge to adopt at least one new trend into my wardrobe each season without really trying. There is always one trend that a garment you've owned for ages fits perfectly. Or one that encapsulates something you like always buying... Continue Reading →

Size vs Fit

This weekend I had a conversation about wearing a bigger size of clothes than you think you are. Getting over the mental block that says "but... this is my size", and makes you continue to wear clothes which are too tight because of your pride, is a tricky thing indeed. Many women do this and... Continue Reading →

All ages fashion?

The Guardian have an ongoing series called Fashion For All Ages which both excites and irritates me in equal measures. Although it is wonderful to see models who are over the age of 40 in the fashion pages of a national newspaper, this series is not what it seems. If it was truly "fashion for... Continue Reading →

Fashion… with added confidence

Many women mistakenly believe that fashion makes you feel bad. They look at how the fashion industry promotes its wares and how society encourages us to conform to a young slender ideal, and they come to the conclusion that fashion is another way of controlling women by making them feel bad about themselves. This isn't... Continue Reading →

What is the true value of vintage?

Having attended a panel discussion this week on the role of vintage fashion in Britain - held at London College of Fashion to accompany the re:address exhibition - I was moved to write on the subject of vintage fashion once more. The inspirational panel included: Roger K. Burton, founder of The Contemporary Wardrobe Collection, Europe's... Continue Reading →

Fashion Advertising vs The Real World

Models don't have to wear skirts that ride up, sleeves that are too long, or garments that aren't made to measure. Models don't have to worry about clothing being unflattering when they're sat down, or crumpled when they stand up again. But that's because, while they're working, models don't live in the real world. During... Continue Reading →

What is fashion?

If someone asked you to describe fashion, what would you say? Do you think of Vogue, catwalk shows and umpteen super-cool fashion bloggers? Do you love the latest Prada menswear collection, faithfully follow trends, or utterly detest being told what to wear? When talking about clothing, many people assume that the umbrella term fashion refers... Continue Reading →

How does a fabric handle?

It might sounds a bit strange to ask how a fabric handles, as this is usually a question reserved for sporty motorised vehicles. However, the definition is pretty much the same in both cases - "To behave or perform in a particular way when handled" - and refers to how the object feels. Handle is... Continue Reading →

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