Review: Style Me Vintage, 1940s

As I mentioned here last month, having already reviewed a couple of titles in the extremely accessible Style Me Vintage book series, I was asked by the publisher if I would like to review a couple more on Rarely Wears Lipstick. Obviously the answer was yes, and the second of the pair - Style Me... Continue Reading →

Review: Style Me Vintage, Accessories

As anyone who's a regular reader will know, I love vintage clothes. I've always enjoyed finding something amazing that I won't see anyone else wearing, and have often admired the sturdy seams and the obvious love and care of previous owners which have ensured the garment has survived to be worn again by me. I... Continue Reading →

Review: Style Me Vintage, Clothes

I think vintage clothing is quite exciting. Finding beautiful old garments for sale that have been well looked after, and are a perfect fit, is one of life's little pleasures. However, when you look further than the garments themselves, vintage fashion can be rather daunting. How do you pick an era with a style that... Continue Reading →

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