Review: Plus+ by Bethany Rutter

For a few years now, I've had trouble finding a style icon I can relate to. Everyone in the public eye whose style I admire always seems to be tall, thin and rich - I shouldn't really be surprised as they're celebrities! - so looking at images of them can very quickly turn from aspirational... Continue Reading →

Style inspiration via social media

When planning my search for a style icon post at the end of last year, I asked my Twitter followers for suggestions of stylish non-slender women over 30. There were some interesting suggestions, mostly famous folk, and one that really stood out. Quite a few people reckoned I should be looking to Christina McMc for... Continue Reading →

Search for a style icon

This time next week, I'll be 40 years old. Birthdays have a strange way of making you think about ageing and the passing of time, despite the fact that we are getting older every single minute of every day, and so I have been pondering what 'the big four-oh' means to me. Does it mean... Continue Reading →

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