Exploring Creativity: The playwrite

When someone says they are a writer, most people might instantly assume that this person writes novels. Think for a bit longer, however, and you'd realise that there are an awful lot of other things that they could be a writer of! I know people who write for newspapers and magazines, people who've had academic... Continue Reading →

Burlesque versus Page 3

A friend of mine - Lea Rice from The High Tea Cast - posted a link to Laura Bates' article in The Independent on sexist advertising on her Facebook timeline yesterday. The article points out (yet again) why dismissing casual sexism as 'banter' is actually rather harmful, and Lea added the following comment to emphasis... Continue Reading →

The Rebel Rebels’ adventures in burlesque

I love learning new things. It's been quite a hobby of mine, actually. Since I left full-time education I have taken a rather mixed-bag of courses and workshops in subjects like garden design, darkroom techniques, corset making and burlesque, plus have obtained two A-levels in business studies and photography. One of the many good things... Continue Reading →

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