What is a ‘best’ friend?

Like many people, when I was growing up I was never without a best friend and never questioned the concept of having one. As far as I knew, it was just something every child did. Before I started in full-time education, my best friend was a girl who lived near me. When she went to... Continue Reading →

Support Irreverent Dance!

Earlier this year, my talented and inspiring best friend, Amanda Jones, started a offering body-positive LGBTQ-friendly adult beginners dance classes. As a qualified dance teacher, when friends told her that they would love to learn ballet but couldn't find any classes to suit them, Amanda decided to create one. I took part in her first... Continue Reading →

The Fear of Missing Out

Sometimes great things happen. House parties turn out to be far more awesome that you'd hoped they'd be, that cabaret show ends up being an absolute belter, and a few quiet drinks with friends somehow becomes the best night out you've had in a very long time. Years ago, this stuff happened and then you'd... Continue Reading →

Work less and do more

For the last couple of months I've been attempting to get things done and also trying to help others do the same (I realise that an update on that post is still due!), but I've not really been doing so well. At all! As you can see from my latest Bitchbuzz article, I'm still not... Continue Reading →

Time out?

I love living in a vibrant city and having a large circle of interesting and sociable friends, but sometimes this really takes its toll. Lately I have been finding that my weekday evenings are completely booked up, and my weekends are all rather busy too. Not only does this leave little time for sleep and... Continue Reading →

I remember when…

I remember when real-word meetings of online communities were fun. When groups of users from a particular website would get together at someone's house, a coffee shop or in a pub and discuss the things they are passionate about. The things that brought them together.About 6 years ago I met up with a group of... Continue Reading →

Busy, busy, busy

Things have become rather crazy in Lori-land lately. For some reason my evenings and weekends have been booked up and so I'm having to do a lot of planning ahead, hoping that my friends don't think I'm just putting them off and making excuses. I tried to sum it all up in a message to... Continue Reading →

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