Style with Ethics: Birdsong London

I love it when friends get in touch to introduce me to something new that they think I'll love... especially when they're right! Recently I was alerted to the existence of Birdsong London, an online shop and community which finds and sells unique clothing lovingly made by inspirational women's groups. Founded by Sophie Slater, Sarah... Continue Reading →

Support Irreverent Dance!

Earlier this year, my talented and inspiring best friend, Amanda Jones, started a offering body-positive LGBTQ-friendly adult beginners dance classes. As a qualified dance teacher, when friends told her that they would love to learn ballet but couldn't find any classes to suit them, Amanda decided to create one. I took part in her first... Continue Reading →

An ode to big pants

Last year, when the lovely Cate Sevilla wrote about big knickers for BitchBuzz, I never thought I'd switch from my much loved cotton bikini style pants. Then, earlier this year, I started to notice that I was looking a bit lumpy in my high-waisted retro jeans, shorts and pencil skirts because those much loved knickers... Continue Reading →

Open day at Who Made Your Pants?

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful Who Made Your Pants? people. I found out a fair bit about them via the internet when I was researching an article on ethical lingerie, but that just meant that I wanted to know more. Whenever I mentioned their name on Twitter, I always received... Continue Reading →

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