LCF College Shop returns for 2014

The London College of Fashion annual festive pop-up shop, COLLEGE SHOP, has opened today with the biggest and most exciting stock of student and graduate work in its four year history. I have visited the shop every year - in the vibrant Carnaby area of London - and am always impressed with the creativity of... Continue Reading →

Review: Bra fitting at Bravissimo

In February 2011, I reviewed Bravissimo's fitting service for BitchBuzz. Since then, I have used my increased knowledge of bra sizing whenever purchasing bras, and have returned to Bravissimo many times because of the quality of their service. So, I thought it was worth re-posting my review here. Even if most department stores stock your... Continue Reading →

Review: Shopcade

Recently, I was invited to sign up for a new website called Shopcade, have a play around with it and write a review. It was described to me as "an online platform that lets you curate the products you love and gives you cash back when you purchase them. There are also competitions, the opportunity... Continue Reading →

Competition time: Goodie bag winner

Thanks very much to everyone who entered this week's competition to win a Sh! goodie bag. Once more, I recruited the perfect judge to look through your entries. Tal Younis is a big fan of Sh! stores, was the driving force behind the oh-so-naughty charity event Barelesque and is a west London lady, so who... Continue Reading →

Fit, feel and drape

I really don't like buying clothes online. As yet another massive fashion retailing website goes online this week - Google's - I find myself wondering if I'm in a dying breed or real-world shoppers. It's ideal if you have no problem finding clothing that fits and if you're permanently at home to await postal... Continue Reading →

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