5 Top Tips To Drive Him Wild

Because I just know that all my readers identify as female, are all dating men, and are spending every waking moment wishing they could do more to please their fellas, I thought I'd share some of my top tips for sexy fun times. These amazing pearls of wisdom are guaranteed to drive him wild with... Continue Reading →

After Hours: Why you should all love my life

I arrived late at Horse Bar in glamorous Waterloo to discover that the effortlessly beautiful Betsy Bliss was already ordering drinks for the rest of The Rebel Rebels. "I'll have a Hendricks and tonic", I chirped, after embracing my good friend warmly and complimenting her on her gorgeous new Westwood frock. Then I rushed over... Continue Reading →

Going to your GP for a cold?

I've just read a Times Online article by Jamie Whyte entitled Of course demand for GPs is too high -- a visit costs zero. Whyte proposes charging a 10 appointment fee to deter people with 'sniffles' and assumes that most people will be able to pay. Aside from the fact that this goes against the... Continue Reading →

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