Feminism Friday: The Help

Last week I found myself at a loose end one evening. It's been so long since I last had a few hours to myself where going home was not an option, that I really didn't know what to do with myself. I asked around and none of my friends were available, so I racked my... Continue Reading →

Review: By Caprice

Blogging is still very much a hobby for me, and so it's always exciting when I get an email from someone I've never met telling me that they love Rarely Wears Lipstick. It's even more exciting when the email is from someone offering me free stuff. OK, so you might think that an email saying... Continue Reading →

Review: Fever London, Eastcastle Street

I first encountered the clothing label Fever during one of my many rummaging sessions in clothing exchange Bang Bang. I was spending a cold January Saturday afternoon shopping with my sister and had convinced her to stop off at my favourite second-hand haunt in Soho before she headed for the train home. We tried on... Continue Reading →

Review: Vintage at the Southbank Centre

Last summer I spent a wonderful weekend at Goodwood for the first ever Vintage Festival and wrote afterwards about how much I enjoyed my time as a Vintage Volunteer, and the full Vintage at Goodwood experience. After the quirky charm of the 'high street' they built in a field, the wonderful themed music stages and... Continue Reading →

Bridesmaids: Snog, Marry or Avoid?

I can't remember how I first found out about the movie Bridesmaids. From the title and the poster I initially assumed it would be a hideously bitchy 'bridezilla' movie or a saccharine chick-flick, but all the comments I read suggested it was neither. A film about women that's genuine and, heaven forbid, rather funny? This... Continue Reading →

Review: Millinery by Sakura Designs

People don't wear hats often enough these days. There was a time when no self-respecting lady or gent would leave the house without one but, unless it's winter or you have a penchant for getting stared at in the street, it's not a terribly 21st century thing to do. There are occasions where headwear is... Continue Reading →

Working on words

I'm rubbish with books. Well, fiction to be precise. I was a keen reader when I was a child, and a minor obsession with Anne Rice helped me to continue that into my teenage and university years, but more recently I just haven't been able to find the time I need to really get into... Continue Reading →

Iron Man 2

Yesterday I watched Iron Man 2. Nothing amazing about this fact, you might think, but it says a lot about this film because we are rarely so excited about a movie that we'll brave the opening weekend crowds and idiocy to see it. Having enjoyed the first one tremendously, and having seen exciting trailers for... Continue Reading →

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