Lust List: November

This month's Lust List was initially inspired by the colder weather and the Danish concept of hygge. However, if you have central heating, you don't need woolly jumpers to be comfy and cozy at home, as this stunning selection of loungewear illustrates. I really was spoiled for choice putting this list together! 1) Blackbird Underpinnings... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays

As I've never been Christian, it has always felt slightly awkward referring to this time of year as Christmas. However, seeing as most of the traditions I enjoy were originally part of the Yule celebrations, I feel that it's still acceptable for me to join in... even if I'm usually a little careful of the... Continue Reading →

Unwind at The Summer House Weekend

Have you ever dreamed of getting away from it all for the weekend to a beautiful setting where you can spend time with good friends and meet new ones? Somewhere where you can feel liberated and free to explore new ideas with open-minded people? A place where you can learn a little, play a little... Continue Reading →

Taking a bit of “me time”

I've been desperately trying to find time to update this blog over the last few weeks, but have finally realised that I need to admit defeat. My day job has become incredibly busy lately and I simply don't have the emotional bandwidth to spend the amount of spare time required to keep this blog ticking... Continue Reading →

Time for a break

Lunar New Year LanternsOriginally uploaded by lipstickloriBack in 2005, Topper and I went to Hong Kong for the first time. It was around the time of the Lunar New Year celebrations, so I got plenty of photos of the beautiful red decorations and we really enjoyed the wonderful fireworks display over the harbour. It was... Continue Reading →

Time out?

I love living in a vibrant city and having a large circle of interesting and sociable friends, but sometimes this really takes its toll. Lately I have been finding that my weekday evenings are completely booked up, and my weekends are all rather busy too. Not only does this leave little time for sleep and... Continue Reading →

Holidays are over once more

I'm back from ten days in Sweden, where it was my perfect summer temperature and there was lots of daylight. We spent five days in a friend's summer house in the north, getting away from it all and enjoying the gorgeous views, plus celebrating midsummer the traditional way. The only bad thing was the mosquitos...... Continue Reading →

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