Joanna’s Wardrobe

I only properly discovered Joanna's Wardrobe last month when I opened the Kiss Me Deadly newsletter and saw a photograph of a rather gorgeous teddy. The claret stretch satin of this limited edition version of the Cherie teddy (see photo on the right) was exclusive to online lingerie retailer Joanna's Wardrobe, so I clicked on... Continue Reading →

Green People Age Defy+

As I head towards the age of 40, I have noticed that my skin has started to change. Not with the addition of lots of lines and wrinkles yet, thankfully, but with a lack of firmness. It's like someone is slowly turning off the light that illuminated my skin. As smiles and well-applied make up... Continue Reading →

My favourite vintage shops in London

Vintage clothing is a wonderful thing to spend money on. Each garment is a pre-loved piece of history. Every shop feels like a treasure trove. Sticking two fingers up to fast fashion while you look fabulous and marvel at the look of an old M&S label really is a pleasure indeed. Vintage clothing provides a... Continue Reading →

Review: One Man, Two Guvnors

Last night, I had the pleasure of going to see One Man, Two Guvnors, an English adaptation of the Italian comedy The Servant of Two Masters, at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. I was somewhat drawn to the idea of a farce set in Brighton in 1963. After all, many of the movies and television programmes... Continue Reading →

Recommendation: Lovehoney

One of my most exciting discoveries at Eroticon last weekend was, oddly enough, one of the sponsors. The lovely ladies from Lovehoney arrived at the conference with lots of sex toys, plenty of knowledge, and loads of enthusiasm for talking to strangers so I had to have a chat with them. They were a fantastic... Continue Reading →

Review: Millinery by Sakura Designs

People don't wear hats often enough these days. There was a time when no self-respecting lady or gent would leave the house without one but, unless it's winter or you have a penchant for getting stared at in the street, it's not a terribly 21st century thing to do. There are occasions where headwear is... Continue Reading →

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