Ask A Feminist: Stylist Magazine

If you're missing my dear departed Ask A Feminist series, you might be pleased to hear that Stylist Magazine's website have started their own weekly Ask A Feminist feature. It's been running since March and so far, they've covered topics like: Calling people on their sexist bullshit What makes a good role model? Who has... Continue Reading →

Asking Allice

Oh. Hello there. You know, this introduction snuck up on me a bit. You eat a little ice cream, play a little music, take a nap or two, and suddenly it's the night before your deadline and you have to figure out how to make your debut as... a sex blogger. Now, I'm not going... Continue Reading →

Ask A Feminist

In my search for new writers - to ensure that Rarely Wears Lipstick doesn't turn into a lingerie blog - I came across a fantastic suggestion for a new feature: Ask a Feminist. Of course it's been done before elsewhere, but I thought the readers of this site might have some interesting questions and so... Continue Reading →

The wonders of Formspring

When I first saw Formspring, I thought it sounded like a great idea. However, asking people questions with the opportunity to be anonymous can be hit and miss. On the receiving end (so to speak), either you get some wonderful questions or some really sleazy ones. On the other end, you're either inspired or at... Continue Reading →

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