Get your SlutWalk facts straight!

As you may have heard, Toronto police officer Michael Sanguinetti told students at Osgoode Hall Law School that, "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised" and, within a few months, Slutwalks had been organised in many cities across Canada and the US in response to his comments. Despite the name,... Continue Reading →

John Snow Pub: Update

As regular readers of my blog will already know, last month a gay kiss resulted in the landlord of John Snow pub in Soho asking a couple to leave. A couple of kiss-in protests were organised but, despite this, both the pub and the brewery remained remarkably silent on the matter. Since then, an open... Continue Reading →

Silence from the John Snow pub

Just before the Easter weekend, a bunch of self-proclaimed "queers and allies" turned up at the John Snow pub in Soho for a second kiss-in to protest at the treatment of Jonathan Williams and James Bull. Although not everyone who'd said they were attending on Facebook actually showed up - by quite some margin! -... Continue Reading →

Kiss-in Protest Against Homophobia

Strange things often happen in Soho but, as it's London's most open-minded and gay-friendly district, you would think that being asked to leave a pub for kissing your date wouldn't be one of them. Many people aren't keen on public displays of affection, but pubs like making money and... well, anything goes in Soho, right?... Continue Reading →

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