Self promotion

Tonight I have handed out a couple of my Moo cards, promoted my writing on Twitter and have also updated my bio there to make it bit more relevant to the subjects I cover. This made me realise that I don't often link to my other writing here, so here's a quick update for those... Continue Reading →

Bounty and ethics

Today I discovered that some companies think it's OK to cynically pass judgement on other people in order to promote their products. I hadn't heard of the Bounty parenting club before today, but now they will be forever linked in my mind with the claim that one in 10 UK women have 'tricked' a man... Continue Reading →

Creating an ‘about’ page

And so, on to the 2004 archives! In January I was thrilled at the start of the new breakfast time Chris Moyles show on Radio One, as it freed me from a Sara Cox induced radio hell. I also asked my readers (yes, I had some back then!) to come up some quotes for me... Continue Reading →

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