Talking about mental health

It's not something I've really talked about but, in recent months, I have felt so overwhelmed that I started to feel physical effects from the stress. Work was hectic, I had lots of side-projects on the go and fitting general life-admin around a social life was proving to be more and more difficult. Making an... Continue Reading →

Other side of the line

When I was living in Manchester, I met lots of wonderfully creative photographers via the analogue 'mother' of Instagram - Lomography. One of those photographers is Vanessa Short who is now working on a fascinating personal project documenting the coal miners who returned to work early, breaking the 1984-1985 strike. She is looking into getting... Continue Reading →

Love the Garden: Update

It's been six weeks since I planted my basil seeds and hoped for the best but, as you can see from the terribly badly exposed photo on the right, all is going well. Despite having extremely limited gardening skills, I seem to have managed to grow something pretty that may also turn out to be... Continue Reading →

Love the Garden

When I lived in Manchester, my house was dotted with potted plants. A peace lily that was a housewarming gift, spider plants, ivy... most windows or sets of shelves had some variety of living foliage. During my teenage years I always had at least one plant in my bedroom and would happily adopt new ones... Continue Reading →

Awesome Ideas: The motivation project

Following on from yesterday's post, I have decided to start something small which I hope will provide a bit of motivation and encouragement to any readers suffering from a bad case of procrastination. If you have a project that needs to be finished but that you are struggling to get yourself organised enough to complete,... Continue Reading →

How to be creative

I have always been a creative person. A great many years of enjoyable art classes at school, followed by a year at art college and then a partly creative university degree has left me with a useful framework around which to organise the creative process, and a wealth of knowledge of techniques, processes and art... Continue Reading →

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