Review: Barelesque

On Wednesday 12th October 2011, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern played host to a raucous bunch of ladies who, along with their friends, were hoping to raise lots of money for LGBT homeless charity the Albert Kennedy Trust. As I mentioned last month, I was delighted to be chosen as one of those girls by the... Continue Reading →

How to be happy

Now that I'm happy and confident in myself, it can sometimes be difficult to remember how I was before I achieved this. Telling someone that they look great, and should be content just the way they are, rarely works. It's like someone telling me not to worry: just because you said it, doesn't make it... Continue Reading →

Positive thinking

A friend told me on Friday about the time when she had an appraisal at work that didn't go so well. To counteract all the undeserved negativity that resulted, she decided to write about why she deserved a good review and told me that, although it is extremely hard to do, writing 2.5 pages on... Continue Reading →

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