Making time and getting organised

You may have noticed that, over the last few months, my blogging has tailed off somewhat. I've been trying to find the time to write, and time to plan what I want to write, but it never seems to come together. I used to have lists of ideas for blog posts in the notebook that... Continue Reading →

Work less and do more

For the last couple of months I've been attempting to get things done and also trying to help others do the same (I realise that an update on that post is still due!), but I've not really been doing so well. At all! As you can see from my latest Bitchbuzz article, I'm still not... Continue Reading →

What were you doing, aged 25?

Last week the delightful Fauxred turned 25 and she posted on her Tumblr something about wishing she'd achieved more by that age. This struck me as slightly odd as, well, I've never thought that. I don't remember ever thinking "I wish I'd done more", mostly because I have never had a life plan, I guess.... Continue Reading →

Increased Productivity Week

In an attempt to be organised and get some things done, I decided that this would be Increased Productivity Week. This is mainly a cunning plan to keep myself off Twitter and see if that helps me got more work done during the day, but it also involves me doing useful things on my two... Continue Reading →

Job satisfaction and… new horizons?

The two-year itch has hit again and I'm once again browsing job adverts in the hope of finding something more stimulating. However, the desire for some kind of overall direction or purpose in my work life is still hanging over me and so I'm finally doing something about it. I've signed up for The School... Continue Reading →

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