Telegram stickers and diversity

Like many of my friends, I use a messaging app called Telegram. Today a few of us noticed that starting a message with certain emoji caused a cartoon image to pop up, and we found out through their blog that this was a new feature called 'stickers'. I'm not entirely sure what the point of... Continue Reading →

Everyone needs a Doctor

When faced with an evening alone at home, I have become increasingly likely to fire up Netflix and watch past (post-reboot) series of Doctor Who. Rewatching stories like The Doctor's Daughter or the three-parter where Captain Jack reappears and Martha says goodbye - for all its faults, there are some wonderful moments - leaves me... Continue Reading →

Bisexuality: Myths and lazy journalism

Yesterday I had the misfortune of reading Daniel Warner's dreadful piece for the Huffington Post, entitled Bisexuality: Is It Fun, Non Committal or Just Plain Greedy? It contains so many bisexual myths and clichés that I started to wonder if the Huffington Post does any quality control whatsoever. Apparently, not only can bi people not... Continue Reading →

Friends, metamours and other non-lovers

There are many more people involved in a polyamorous set-up than you might think. Many people can view polyamory just in terms of the romantic and/or sexual relationships that you have - What, like, two girlfriends? - but it is actually so much more than that. Everyone focuses on their lovers, but what about the... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Who am I?

I am Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL Hypnotic Red. I am Olay Complete Care Moisturising Fluid. I am L'Oréal True Match pressed powder. I am Clinique Lash Power Mascara. I am Boots No7 eyebrow pencil. I am a vintage dress and United Nude shoes. I am a Tatty Devine GIN necklace. I am really ridiculously good... Continue Reading →

How to be happy

Now that I'm happy and confident in myself, it can sometimes be difficult to remember how I was before I achieved this. Telling someone that they look great, and should be content just the way they are, rarely works. It's like someone telling me not to worry: just because you said it, doesn't make it... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday

Every week, I seem to encounter something that niggles at my inner feminist, so I've decided that this sort of thing probably deserves a regular spot on my blog. Either it's something infuriating which illustrates people's misunderstanding of feminism, strong women who say they are definitely not a feminist, or simply another reason why feminism... Continue Reading →

The queerest of the queer

From the moment I first heard the rather splendid Garbage song of the same name, I have become somewhat fascinated by the word queer. Originally meaning strange, odd or different, the word was adopted in the early 20th century as a pejorative slang term for homosexuals but, in recent decades, has been reclaimed by the... Continue Reading →

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