Getting Dressed: A daily composition

Yesterday, I responded to a tweet from dress historian Hilary Davidson regarding capsule wardrobes, which resulted in an interesting discussion. For us, a capsule wardrobe is essential for travelling but is not something with everyday appeal. Hilary describes her own wardrobe as 'a rainbow of expression' and getting dressed in the morning as 'a daily... Continue Reading →

Clothing vs “The Outfit”

I don't really do outfit posts on this blog, as a) I'm much more about the text than the photos, b) I rarely snap anything more than selfies of my clothes, and c) how much can you really say about one outfit? OK, so I could meticulously list where I got every item that I'm... Continue Reading →

What I Wore Wednesday

Sometimes it's good to wait. A few months ago I tried on a skirt in John Lewis and it was pretty much perfect for me. A wide waistband that sat on the natural waist, a full skirt, carefully placed patch pockets and beautiful button detailing down the back. It was the sort of wool mix... Continue Reading →

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