The Great Online Escape

Escaping everyday life used to be about booking a holiday in the sunshine and getting away from it all. These days, however, finding the cash for an overseas trip is becoming increasingly tricky so it's just as well there are many more options for escape available, thanks to the internet. Even if you can't jet... Continue Reading →

Review: Joanna’s Wardrobe Cherry Girdle

After I wrote about Joanna's Wardrobe last week, they emailed to offer me an item from their own range to review - the super cute Cherry roll-on girdle that I'd already added to my Joanna's Wardrobe wishlist! For those of you unfamiliar with vintage lingerie terminology, a 'roll-on' girdle is basically a very deep suspender... Continue Reading →

Joanna’s Wardrobe

I only properly discovered Joanna's Wardrobe last month when I opened the Kiss Me Deadly newsletter and saw a photograph of a rather gorgeous teddy. The claret stretch satin of this limited edition version of the Cherie teddy (see photo on the right) was exclusive to online lingerie retailer Joanna's Wardrobe, so I clicked on... Continue Reading →

BitchBuzz: The Honest Women’s Magazine

For ten years, if not more, I have been searching for reading material that is both easy to digest and also appealing. After buying many well-known women's glossies in my late teens and early 20s, I came to the conclusion that the majority of the content is massively recycled and there really are very few... Continue Reading →

Lanvin for H&M

I must be sorely out of touch with fashion these days because when H&M announced their latest designer collaboration with Lanvin, I thought "who?". This is a brand whose presence has escaped me, but is clearly much sought after by the sort of people who will happily queue outside a high street store for a... Continue Reading →

Fit, feel and drape

I really don't like buying clothes online. As yet another massive fashion retailing website goes online this week - Google's - I find myself wondering if I'm in a dying breed or real-world shoppers. It's ideal if you have no problem finding clothing that fits and if you're permanently at home to await postal... Continue Reading →

Inspiring, not pointless

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the internet is a fantastic place to socialise, chat and meet new people. What Zoe Williams may think of as "pointless messing about" is, to me, about building new friendships and maintaining existing ones. If didn't exist, I would never have met a whole host... Continue Reading →

I remember when…

I remember when real-word meetings of online communities were fun. When groups of users from a particular website would get together at someone's house, a coffee shop or in a pub and discuss the things they are passionate about. The things that brought them together.About 6 years ago I met up with a group of... Continue Reading →

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