Bettie Page Lingerie, by Playful Promises

Lingerie lovers may have noticed that those hard-working folk at Playful Promises have been even more productive than usual over the last year. Seeing as they're always busy, this is pretty impressive work! As well as coming up with designs for their main line and curve ranges, plus their mini-brand Peek & Beau, they also... Continue Reading →

Lust List: August

Seeing as I have been trying (and, so far, succeeding) to go the whole of August without buying any clothes or accessories, I started planning this month's Lust List to highlight all the gorgeous items of lingerie and nightwear that I have found this month and have resisted purchasing. However, a few things caught my... Continue Reading →

Lust List: November

This month's Lust List was initially inspired by the colder weather and the Danish concept of hygge. However, if you have central heating, you don't need woolly jumpers to be comfy and cozy at home, as this stunning selection of loungewear illustrates. I really was spoiled for choice putting this list together! 1) Blackbird Underpinnings... Continue Reading →

Lust List: August

I've been planning a couple of personal shopping trips this month, as part of the Irreverent Dance Kickstarter reward that I offered, so here's a super-quick underwear Lust List inspired by those trips. 1) Playful Promises' Cristina longline cage bra Available in both A-D and DD-F cup options, this bra is stunningly simple but with... Continue Reading →

Lingerie lust list: April

In honour of the launch of Bluestockings Boutique - the online store founded on intersectional feminist principles and geared to the LGBTQ community - for my April Lust List I have decided to only select items that they sell. Set up by Jeanna Kadlec to 'empower people who have been marginalized by the mainstream lingerie... Continue Reading →

Lingerie lust list: March

This month's list is an eclectic mix of things that have caught my eye so far in March. There were more items I could have included, but they aren't all necessarily what you would call 'lingerie'... more 'underwear'. I pondered renaming this feature something a bit less femme but, I'm rather fond of the alliteration.... Continue Reading →

Lingerie lust list: January

I see so many gorgeous items of lingerie online that I finally decided that it was worth compiling a short 'lust list' each month to share the joy with you all. There are so many brands I love and individual pieces that catch my eye, many of which are completely out of my price or... Continue Reading →

10 ‘must have’ lingerie pieces

Department stores are a great place to browse and try on a number of different lingerie brands in a short space of time. So, when Debenhams got in touch with me, I decided to set myself a challenge: one department store, ten must-have lingerie pieces. To me, a 'must have' is something essential, but that... Continue Reading →

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