Is Monogamy Dead?

Monogamy. A great topic for a stand-up comedy show, don't you think? Rosie Wilby certainly thinks so, as that's what prompted her to create "Is Monogamy Dead?", a show about relationships, sex and infidelity. Not only is it based on observation and anecdotes, but there's also some actual survey data in there... plus, Rosie once... Continue Reading →

Only monogamy equals commitment?

One of the common misconceptions about nonmonogamous (including polyamorous) folk, is that they can't commit. If they really loved someone, they'd stop all this nonsense. If we were really committed to a relationship, we simply wouldn't have others. And, of course, you can't possibly be committed to more than one person at a time, right?... Continue Reading →

On monogamy…

There are many things we are brought up to believe in by society and our well-meaning parents. When we are young, a life path spreads out before us - school, university, career, marriage, children - and there are constant pointers towards how to achieve what is expected of us. As we enter our teenage years,... Continue Reading →

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