Dollydagger Model Search 2013

Last October, one of my favourite UK independent fashion brands ran a competition to find a face for their clothing line. Brighton-based Dollydagger received a whopping 118 entries and shortlisted 8 finalists, but the whole thing was so much fun that they're planning on doing it all over again! "When we launched the competition in... Continue Reading →

Love your body

Back in March, I wrote about how these so-called 'real' women the media are always banging on about don't always have curves. I pointed out that actual real women come in a pleasing variety of shapes sizes. Fat, thin, old or young, each of us is a unique combination of race, nationality, height, weight, build,... Continue Reading →

Real women don’t exist

We hear lots of talk about 'real' women these days. Folk moan that magazines don't use images of 'real' women, labels don't design for them, and that they're having a hard time coping in a world full of supposedly perfect (I'm guessing 'unreal'?) models, actresses and assorted celebrities. However, in their attempts to right these... Continue Reading →

Agent Provocateur: Back on track?

Last time I blogged about Agent Provocateur's incredibly un-sexy choice of models, I assumed that Nicola Hunn, who replied to the complaint I sent in, was merely humoring me with a standard response. Well, I don't know if she really was listening to me of if lots of other people shared their disappointment with the... Continue Reading →

Playing pin-up

This post was written by a RWL Guest Blogger - Burlesque performer Honey Schnapps attended a glamorous retro lingerie press event on behalf of Rarely Wears Lipstick.This week I went to the most delightful afternoon event which promised dressing up and cupcakes. How could I possibly resist? Organised by lingerie brands Ayten Gasson, Playful Promises... Continue Reading →

Fashion fades, only style remains

I like Hadley Freeman. Her fashion advice column in The Guardian is a breath of fresh air with its lack of meaningless rules and the opinion that liking nice clothes doesn't always have to make you look like a twat. Yesterday she reminded us that: "Fashion is supposed to be about giving grown women self-confidence,... Continue Reading →

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