Is this the soundtrack to my life?

Music used to be a massive part of my life. When I was growing up in the 1980s, I bought albums on cassette and learnt the lyrics off by heart, either from the inlay or what I found in Smash Hits magazine. My collection contained long lasting joys such as Pet Shop Boys' Disco, Janet... Continue Reading →

Prize Draw: Moments that Mattered

When I was a child, I was always the academic one. I loved school and genuinely enjoyed my lessons. My only life plan was to do A-levels and then go to university as I couldn't really imagine spending my days doing something other than learning. My younger sister was very different to me in those... Continue Reading →

Every garment tells a story (part 1)

I attended an interesting lecture last week, where PhD student Sara Chong Kwan told us about her primary research into male and female sensory dress experience. As she shared snippets of the stories she had been told by interviewees who were showing items from their wardrobes, I started to think about what I would talk... Continue Reading →

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