Rubyyy Jones: Waiting…

Hello darlings! Hoping this little blog post finds you feeling absolutely joyous and gentle at the same time. So much has been going on in the world, my world and, therefore no doubt, your world. I hope things feel positive even when they feel dark, that your focus is on fabulous 'you' in times of... Continue Reading →

Seekrit Valentine 2014

Last February, I wrote about how much I missed the anonymous messages that used to be such a large part of Valentine's Day. From the notes that we sent each other in school, to the short newspaper ads that were mini declarations of love, they brought joy to many people on a day that doesn't... Continue Reading →

Sexuality, coming out and labels

Yesterday, Olympic medal-winning diver Tom Daley told the world (via YouTube) that he is happily dating a man. I first read about this on the BBC news website and straight away pounced on the fact that, although Daley said he still fancied women, the article contained no mention of the word bisexual. I erroneously attributed... Continue Reading →

Love Bomb 2013

This one's for all you lingerie fans out there. In case you weren't already aware of it, the Love Bomb is an annual celebration of the work of some of the best independent lingerie and swimwear designers, which takes place in the run up to Valentine's Day. Each of the brands taking part is run... Continue Reading →

Ooh, shiny! The blinding powers of NRE

Do you remember what it feels like embark on a new romantic and/or sexual relationship? That wonderfully blissful high where your new partner can do no wrong, you just can't wait to see them again, and you really don't think you could be any happier? Your heart overflows with joy and it's almost impossible to... Continue Reading →

On monogamy…

There are many things we are brought up to believe in by society and our well-meaning parents. When we are young, a life path spreads out before us - school, university, career, marriage, children - and there are constant pointers towards how to achieve what is expected of us. As we enter our teenage years,... Continue Reading →

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