Inspiration: Rankin

I've been pondering something in the last few days. I wonder how many people have been inspired by the Rankin Live exhibition to take more photos, improve their studio skills, or even just to pick up a camera for the first time? I always find photography exhibitions both fascinating and inspiring, but Rankin's retrospective and... Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes at Rankin Live!

Earlier this year, I found out that the awesome talent that is Rankin would be holding a major retrospective exhibition in London, part of which would be devoted to a new project. I went to his website and discovered that: Rankin is kicking off 2009 by inviting people across the UK to participate in his... Continue Reading →

Rankin Live!

Back in April, I emailed Rankin Live in the hope of being included in the exhibition. I wanted to find out if the people in the example shots on the website were very glamorous looking because Rankin's magic lens made them that way, or if they really did all look like they belonged in a... Continue Reading →

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