The future of lingerie and bodywear design?

Leicester's De Montfort University (DMU) staged its second annual London contour fashion catwalk show on Monday, featuring designs by students who will be graduating from the Contour Fashion and the Fashion and Contour Design courses this summer. The collections on show illustrated a stunning mix of skill and creativity, which proves that DMU's excellent reputation... Continue Reading →

125 Years of Celebrating Women

My mother had a turquoise halter-neck Triumph bikini in the 1970s that my sister and I found one day in the 1990s, stashed away in bags of old clothes we were rummaging through in the attic. We spent a long time trying to convince mum that she should give it to one of us as... Continue Reading →

Agent Provocateur: Back on track?

Last time I blogged about Agent Provocateur's incredibly un-sexy choice of models, I assumed that Nicola Hunn, who replied to the complaint I sent in, was merely humoring me with a standard response. Well, I don't know if she really was listening to me of if lots of other people shared their disappointment with the... Continue Reading →

The Big Swish: Secrets of the Boudoir

I signed up for clothes-swapping website Big Wardrobe a while back in the hope of exchanging some of my rarely worn items for something I would actually use, and had varying degrees of success. Everyone seemed friendly enough and all of the users I encountered were completely genuine, however, I did have trouble actually finding... Continue Reading →

Playing pin-up

This post was written by a RWL Guest Blogger - Burlesque performer Honey Schnapps attended a glamorous retro lingerie press event on behalf of Rarely Wears Lipstick.This week I went to the most delightful afternoon event which promised dressing up and cupcakes. How could I possibly resist? Organised by lingerie brands Ayten Gasson, Playful Promises... Continue Reading →

Defining sexy

Due to a small number of purchases from their stores over the last few years, I am on the Agent Provocateur mailing list. Despite the fact that I have found far better underwear and stockings for sale elsewhere, I have refrained from un-subscribing because, well, I like looking at women in underwear. This week's email... Continue Reading →

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