Fall in love with yourself on V-Day

I've mentioned before that lingerie should be primarily purchased with the needs of the wearer in mind, rather than anyone who might have the pleasure of viewing it, and I figured this was probably worth mentioning again as it's Valentine's Day again. There will be much skimpy frilly joy being wafted around retail outlets with... Continue Reading →

Playful Promises design competition

Playful Promises have launched a design competition inviting students, graduates and those with a flair for fashion to submit lingerie designs for the Playful Promises Spring/Summer 2013 lingerie collection. Paradise is Playful Promises forthcoming SS13 lingerie collection, featuring "a future-retro look inspired by innocence versus sin and exotic infusions". Inspiring stuff! Playful Promises is looking... Continue Reading →

The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Underwear

It couldn't have been anything else for U in my A-to-Z, could it? U is most definitely for Underwear. Gorgeous lingerie can make you feel utterly amazing. Sexy man pants can really boost your confidence. No matter what your gender, there's no denying that skimpies matter. However, don't go thinking that underwear has to look... Continue Reading →

Review: By Caprice

Blogging is still very much a hobby for me, and so it's always exciting when I get an email from someone I've never met telling me that they love Rarely Wears Lipstick. It's even more exciting when the email is from someone offering me free stuff. OK, so you might think that an email saying... Continue Reading →

Competition time: And the winner is…

Thanks very much to everyone who entered the Playful Promises Pin-Up Panties competition. I really loved reading through all your fantastic stories but, after the first few were posted, I realised it was going to be impossible for me to judge this myself because so many of my lovely friends had chosen to submit entries.... Continue Reading →

Underwear: For that extra boost?

Underwear is a peculiar thing. Most people wear it - often out of habit - but it isn't essential, by any means. Without it, our outer garments would require more frequent washing and women's breasts would have less support, but most people can 'go commando' without shocking or offending anyone. There is, however, a rather... Continue Reading →

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