Style with Ethics: Who Made Your Pants?

You may have been reading this blog since I first discovered Who Made Your Pants? and then visited them back in 2012. You may have seen my excitement about the comfy and flattering extra wide lace Aimee shorts that they made a couple of years ago. You may even have read my interview on their... Continue Reading →

Review: Ayten Gasson peace silk knickers

Luxury lingerie label Ayten Gasson, famous for its beautiful collections and firm commitment to supporting the UK fashion industry, has recently expanded its eco range. Designed and made in Britain from organic and peace silks with vintage lace trims, the range has always proved that you don't have to ignore your principles or sacrifice on... Continue Reading →

Review: Beauty-Full by Triumph

I discovered on my recent visit to their pop-up shop that Triumph recently launched their Beauty-Full range for DD+ cup sizes (see right). Specifically engineered to provide comfort and support with style for larger cup sizes, this was definitely a range I needed to try out. Despite all the gorgeous lace and embroidery on show,... Continue Reading →

Review: Wonderbra ‘Dots Chic’

A few weeks ago, when I was at the Littlewoods lingerie bloggers event, I fell in love with a gorgeous new lingerie set from Wonderbra. Part of their Glamour collection, the Dots Chic set has a balcony bra and (rather unusually for this brand) high-waisted knickers in black with my favourite pattern... polkadots! In addition... Continue Reading →

10 ‘must have’ lingerie pieces

Department stores are a great place to browse and try on a number of different lingerie brands in a short space of time. So, when Debenhams got in touch with me, I decided to set myself a challenge: one department store, ten must-have lingerie pieces. To me, a 'must have' is something essential, but that... Continue Reading →

Review: Victoria’s Secret UK

As I mentioned on Rarely Wears Lipstick last month, Victoria's Secret opened its doors to the UK in July. I wanted to review one of the stores but, after reading some bloggers' experiences and seeing their photos of the flagship store, I was well aware that it's probably not my kind of thing. So, in... Continue Reading →

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