Feminism Friday: A New Hope

Yesterday morning, I exited Bond Street tube station and was surprised to see a crowd of people gathered around the Disney Store on the opposite side of the road. Closer inspection revealed that the entrance was being guarded by three Stormtroopers, ahead of the midnight launch of the Star Wars Episode 7 official merchandise. The... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: pink vs blue

The other day, I found a piece by Belinda Parmar on the Guardian's website entitled Barclays has pinked up its new ad - how lazy and depressing. I tweeted this, wondering when this 'pink for girls, blue for boys' nonsense will end. While most people understood what I was getting at with that comment, a... Continue Reading →

The troubles of youth

I hear on the radio this morning that schools may remain closed today due to bad weather, forcing some to postpone GCSE and A-level exams. Radio 1 interviewed a girl who said that, if this happened, she would be forced to sit eight exams in the summer and wasn't sure how she would cope. Erm,... Continue Reading →

Who is Blush?

I was in Boots at lunch time and spotted, next to the Children in Need collection tins at the tills, some charity pin badges for sale. At this time of year, I expect to see Pudsey's smiling face encouraging me to donate money to this worthy cause, but this time he was with someone else.... Continue Reading →

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