Review: Wonderment Magazine

Much as I love digital, I am and suspect always will be a massive fan of print media. I think there's something quite special about the feel and smell of sheets of new paper bound together - whether matte or glossy, slick or home made. Books, magazines and zines all take on an additional quality... Continue Reading →

All About Trans

When you have never met a person who belongs to a particular group, it can be difficult to see theings from their point of view. When you've not chatted to someone who is different to you in a certain way, it can be hard to realise why certain things affect them more. If you work... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Reinforcing stereotypes

Yesterday, The Telegraph published some interesting survey results regarding current opinion on feminism. Problem is, they reported their findings in such a lazy way that it would be extremely easy for readers to get the wrong idea. The article, topped with an image of Germaine Greer, claims that just one in seven women describes themselves... Continue Reading →

Advice for budding journalists

Last night I had the pleasure of spending an hour in the company of a woman who writes in a down-to-earth manner about fashion, who has a column in The Guardian, and who isn't afraid of a bit of sarcasm. Yes, Hadley Freeman was speaking at London College of Fashion. I took my seat in... Continue Reading →

Speaking to the press

When you read a story in a magazine or newspaper, how often do find yourself judging a person quoted in the article because of the angle that journalist took? Have you ever looked at portrait photographs alongside a headline or caption and then made some assumptions about the person you see solely because of that... Continue Reading →

Angry? Let me think about that…

The other day I found an advert in the back of a magazine for cosmetic surgery which made me rather angry. In my rage, I did what any normal person would do and I tweeted about it. However, instead of typing "Have you fucking *seen* this shit?" which was pretty much what I was thinking,... Continue Reading →


On Monday we discovered that there was a new World Scrabble Champion. I thought it was odd that the winner of a board-game championship was deemed newsworthy until I saw the accompanying photo of Mikki Nicholson in her bright pink outfit... and then read the terrible article that accompanied it in most news sources. If... Continue Reading →

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